AGA Collaborates with Digital Artists to expand its AGAr Bonus Rewards program

3 min readOct 28, 2020

AGA contributors that provide liquidity to the AGA-AGAr Uniswap pool already enjoy one of the highest rates in DeFi. Today our AGA-AGAr pools pay 2x the Bonus Rewards of the AGA-ETH / USDT pools in both AGA and AGAr tokens.


We are excited to share that we have teamed up with two artists that are creating one of a kind, bespoke Digital Art for our AGA community — our contributors.

Anthony Ricciardi

Anthony Ricciardi is a renowned multidisciplinary artist driven by enthusiasm, depth, and storytelling to produce art that has no limits. Though colorblind, the internationally-acclaimed and Toronto-born visionary introduces patrons to distinctive, vivid and colorful one-of-a-kind masterpieces. After leaving the comforts and clout of the corporate finance world to pursue his true passion and lifelong dream, the self-taught creator induces a flair for inventive color-mixing and layered creations to elicit reaction and emotion.

Ricciardi’s large-scale private commission murals and exclusive artworks have been shown worldwide in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Brazil, Miami and London. He collaborates with high-profile personalities and most recently facilitated a solo art show and gallery in one of North America’s most prestigious destinations.

See what digital NFT’s Anthony can do for you by emailing

To see more of Anthony’s work and physical galleries you can visit his Instagram or personal website.

You can view his work here: and

You can now see Digital Art that Anthony created on Rarible —

Jorden Oliwa

Jorden Oliwa is a distinguished animator living in Bangkok, Thailand. The Canadian-expat works on the cutting-edge of the 2d animation world and is just now starting to dip his feet into the vast ocean of NFTs.

Before partnering up with AGA, Jorden’s portfolio boasted:

2d Music Video Director — Thaitanium, 2d Director, Animator, and Compositor — Massive Swerve Productions (Metallica: Murder One), Owner — No Dice INK (a ton of projects including Akira the Don, “We are not alone”), Animation Director — Mesh FX, 2d Animation Director — The Monk Studio, Animation Director — Y&R NZ (Apocalypse Steve Hansen), 2D Animator — Nucco Brain Studio (Koko Kanu Rum — Compari Ad), 2d Animator — Passion Pictures (Gorillaz — Saturnz Barz), Animator — Pulp Studios, Professor — Mahidol University, 2d Director — Picture This Animation (Lego City), Animator — The Post Lounge, Senior Animator — Yeti Farm, Flash Animation Instructor — Centre for Arts and Technology, Producer/Animator — Warner Bros. Television (Wonder Woman), Animator — Gaumont (Powerball), Traditional Flash Animation — Bardel Entertainment (SuperF***ers), Freelance Animator — Titmouse, Animator — Lizard Brain Animation, Storyboard Artist — Nickelodeon (Speed Racer), Animation Director — elementFX (Iron Chef), Animator — Calder Bateman Communications, Animator — Animation Brewery Productions, Traditional Animator — Bardel entertainment, Freelance Animator — Rocketfuel Productions, Storyboard Artist DHX Media (Yvonne of the Yukon, Being Ian, Angry Beavers, Mission Hill, What about Mimi, D’Myna leagues, and Something Else), Art Director — Blister Entertainment, 2D Animator — Carbunkle (Ren & Stimpy), Storyboard Artist — Hahn Film, Concept Artist — Radical Entertainment (The Simpsons: Road Rage), Overseas Supervisor — Hong Ying Animation, Storyboard Artist — Atomic Cartoons Inc.

Giving Back

These works were commissioned with our AGAr community in mind and funded by our miners as part of marketing budget. These highly valuable pieces will be raffled off to our AGAr contributors — AGA-AGAr Liquidity Providers.


We are still working through the details on how and when we will raffle the above artworks; and we will post an update shortly. You will need to hold some amount of AGAr in our AGA-AGAr Liquidity Pool to qualify.

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