— introducing AGAr

AGAr — AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Rewards Token; a derivative of the AGA Token — 0xb453f1f2ee776daf2586501361c457db70e1ca0f.

We just minted 21,988 AGAr. Once and for all; no more AGAr can be minted. NONE WILL BE SOLD OR DISTRIBUTED until September 15, 2020. Then, on September 15 we distributed AGAr — our new AGA Liquidity Provider (LP) Bonus Rewards Token to our current AGA Liquidity Providers (LPs). Unashamedly inspired by YFI.

“No one will be able to buy AGAr ahead of time, there is no pre-sale, and no dev fund. So, there will be no dumping either. I think this constitutes a fair launch, with no presale, no rug pulls and no bullshit.” — Tomasz

September 15, 2020

Now, as you know our new AGA-AGAr pools pay 2x the Bonus Rewards of AGA-ETH pool. Let’s dive into the LP rewards.

AGA-AGAr Pools

Liquidity providers to AGA — AGAr pools will have until September 24th to add their liquidity to qualify for October 15th rewards paying out up to 1,080% APR. Minimum of 5,000 AGA.

Yield Farming AGA-AGAr Minimums

Staking and Yield Farming Options

To learn about other Staking and Yield Farming Options for AGA please see the following Medium articles:


Why 21,988 AGAr?

21,988 tokens allow us to pay rewards till 2022 and still have some tokens left in the liquidity pool.

Why 3,000 AGAr in initial liquidity?

Provides price stability in September, but also in later months as more AGAr are paid out in rewards.

Why 21,988 vs. 22,000?

I like the year 1988, and I like 8’s in general.

Why price ration of 10 AGA to 1 AGAr?

To make the AGA and AGAr bonus rewards initially equal in value.

Are prices of AGA and AGAr related?

Somewhat, if AGAr goes to $100, then people will want to farm it, and to farm it they will need AGA which will drive price of AGA up.

Most governance tokens are mintable, why is AGAr non-mintable?

Mintable coins are more suspect to exit scams. We want to give you as much confidence as you can have in this space.



In order to qualify for AGA and AGAr Bonus Rewards on 15th of each month:

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