— introducing AGAr

“No one will be able to buy AGAr ahead of time, there is no pre-sale, and no dev fund. So, there will be no dumping either. I think this constitutes a fair launch, with no presale, no rug pulls and no bullshit.” — Tomasz

September 15, 2020

  1. On September 15 we created one Uniswap AGA-AGAr pool with 30,000 AGA and 3,000 AGAr initially setting the price of AGAr at 10x AGA. The new AGA-AGAr pool will pay DOUBLE the APR of the AGA-ETH pool!
  2. We distributed AGA and AGAr Bonus Rewards to our current AGA LPs. We distributed between 15 and 150 AGAr per LP, with less than 1,000 AGAr in total going to LPs in September.
  3. We secured the remaining 18,000 AGA in a hardware vault and only open it on monthly basis to pay LP Bonus Rewards.

AGA-AGAr Pools

  1. AGA-AGAr pool on Uniswap will be seeded with 20,000 AGA and 2,000 AGAr (setting the initial price of AGAr at 10x AGA).

Yield Farming AGA-AGAr Minimums

  1. Uniswap: Minimum liquidity provided to earn bonus rewards is 5,000 AGA and equivalent value of AGAr. Uniswap will do the calculation for you.

Staking and Yield Farming Options




  1. Add or change liquidity in the AGA pool of your choice between 16th and 24th of each month. Doing so outside of these dates will disqualify you from the next reward.
  2. We will only go by the last — most current liquidity transaction. So, if you have 10,000 in the pool, and only want to receive the next reward on 5,000 AGA, you must first withdraw the 10,000 and then add 5,000. Due to the nature of how Uniswap operates, it is impossible for us to account for rebalancing of the pool. You can carry over undisturbed liquidity from month to month, and you can add more liquidity, assuming that you do not perform any — withdrawals from the liquidity pool. If you withdraw, withdraw ALL and then add what you want for the next period.

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