AGA Bonus Rewards — Yield Farming and Liquidity Pools

4 min readAug 14, 2020


AGA Token


“Mining backed, governance token with high yield staking for liquidity providers (LPs). Uniswap pooled and staked tokens qualify for monthly rewards, some as high as 60% APY; and are further used for governance. Proceeds from sale of AGA Tokens are invested into mining equipment and facilities. Profits from mining are dedicated to staking rewards and buy-backs of AGA Tokens.” This is how our white paper starts. Let’s break this down.

“AGA is mining backed yield farming and staking DeFi governance token with bonus HODL rewards. Liquidity providers get yield and bonus rewards, stakers lockup tokens and receive staking rewards, and holders can sleep well knowing once a week mining revenue will be used to buy back AGA off the open market. Something for everyone.” — Nick

  1. AGA is a GOVERNANCE TOKEN — if you hold 10,000 AGA or provide Uniswap liquidity of 5,000 AGA or more, you qualify as a Governance Member and have access to our private Discord. If you don’t have the access — please reach out.
  2. AGA is a DeFi Token — via a decentralized smart contract on Uniswap and soon in UniFyre Wallet anyone can deposit AGA and earn high APY bonus rewards; paid via a smart contract in a decentralized way. These rewards will come from our AGA Bonus Rewards Reserve.
  3. Every week we will replenish the AGA Bonus Rewards Reserve by taking all the mining profits, converting them into ETH and buying AGA on Uniswap. Sometimes rewards we pay out will be more than what we are able to buy back and sometimes less. Either way AGA Bonus Rewards will be funded from the Rewards Reserve.

Now you can monitor a single wallet that holds mining profits, and then see Uniswap transactions where we convert these into AGA Bonus Rewards here: 0xD6FA9afF33C8A1545eb51b2901AF636741FdaC08.

AGA DeFi Yield Farming and AGA Bonus Rewards

AGA Token will pay monthly Bonus Rewards to Liquidity Providers (LPs) in two Uniswap liquidity pools: AGA-ETH and AGA-AGAr. These bonus rewards are paid in addition to the Unsiwap trading fees that you will be collecting; often delivering combined return of more than 1,000% on annual basis!

If you deposit 5,000 or more AGA in any of the supported pools before 20th of each month, and hold them in the pool till the 15th of the following month you will receive the following AGA Bonus Rewards:

To add liquidity to the Uniswap pools please go here:

Every yield farmer — liquidity provider with a single pool contribution of 5,000 or more AGA is invited to our Governance Discord via a private invitation.

AGAr — AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Rewards

Inspired by YFI, and in further efforts to increase AGA liquidity, we have released AGAr, a DAO token. There is no pre-mine, there is no pre-sale, no, there won’t be an auction. We don’t have any of it!

Earning AGAr is simple, provide liquidity to one of the liquidity pools above, and you will earn a (governance controlled) amount per month, currently set at 1% to 10% of your AGA reward. So, if on September 15 you earn 250 AGA, you will also earn 25 AGAr.

AGA-AGAr Liquidity Pools

Once AGAr tokens are minted and distributed you will be able to farm them in the AGA-AGAr Uniswap pool. Official AGA-AGAr pools will pay double the bonus rewards of the standard AGA-ETH pool. So, the October bonus reward of 5% for providing liquidity of 5,000 AGA in the AGA-AGAr pool will pay a bonus reward of 500 AGA and 50 AGAr as opposed to 250 AGA and 25 AGAr earned in the AGA-ETH pool.

Unlike AGA, AGAr is not supported by mining, and it has no intrinsic value. Its sole purpose is to provide a VIP status that doubles the rewards for AGA and AGAr yield farmers.

Yield Farming Minimums

  1. Minimum liquidity provided to earn bonus rewards is 5,000 AGA and equivalent value of ETH or AGAr. Uniswap will do the calculation for you.

In order to qualify for AGA and AGAr Bonus Rewards each month:

  1. Add or change liquidity in the AGA Uniswap pool of your choice between 15th (AFTER you receive your AGA and AGAr Liquidity Provider Bonus Rewards) and 20th of each month. Doing so outside of these dates will disqualify you from the reward.
  2. We will only go by the last — most current liquidity “Add” transactions. So, if you have 10,000 in the pool, and only want to receive the next reward on 5,000 AGA, you must first withdraw the 10,000 and then add 5,000. Due to the nature of how Uniswap operates, it is impossible for us to account for rebalancing of the pool. While ANY liquidity removal transaction will resent the math, you can carry over undisturbed liquidity from month to month, and you can add more liquidity, assuming that you do not perform any — withdrawals from the liquidity pool. If you withdraw, withdraw ALL and then add what you want for the next period.

We are happy to answer any questions about Uniswap liquidity pools in our Telegram!