$AGA First Mining Update

2 min readAug 15, 2020

6 days after our Uniswap launch we are bringing miners on-line and upping our hash rate! This will continue, and our hash rate will grow over the next 4 weeks. Specifically, we turned on 19 bitcoin miners producing little over 2,000THs. They are pictured below, and you can see them hashing HERE.

AGA Miners

Miner roll-out will continue and we plan to be over 2,000THs shortly; that will bring in about $1,500 USD per week — see WhatToMine for up-to-date profitability statistics.

We may use NiceHash, ViaBTC, EtherMine and other pools to optimize profitability at any given time. You can monitor our NiceHash dashboard HERE. You can also see our mining mining rewards increase through the week in our rewards Wallet. You will see USDT, ETH and possibly other mineable tokens coming in through the week, and then going out all at once to buy AGA tokens on Uniswap.

Next steps

This is an interim step as we work on our vision to build an all-encompassing AGA Platform Mining Dashboard, with automated conversion into AGA via a set of pool payouts and DeFi contracts.

In summary:

We deployed ~30% of the miners ordered, we have an interim dashboard — NiceHash, and we published our mining wallet address for everyone to see our revenue stack up HERE. This will also be the wallet we use to perform AGA buy backs.