AGA Token Listed on IDEX

1 min readSep 2, 2020

On September 2, 2020 AGA Token was listed on IDEX with a trading pair of ETH/AGA. This is a first of many exchange listings for AGA Token.

AGA Token ($AGA) is officially listed on IDEX. As of today, IDEX customers can buy, sell, and trade $AGA safely and securely on the IDEX exchange at:

About AGA Token

ERC20 — 0x2D80f5F5328FdcB6ECeb7Cacf5DD8AEDaEC94e20

AGA is mining backed yield farming and staking DeFi governance token with bonus HODL rewards. Liquidity providers get yield and bonus rewards, stakers lockup tokens and receive staking rewards, and holders can sleep well knowing once a week mining revenue will be used to buy back AGA off the open market. Something for everyone.

AGA Platform solves the barrier of entry into the mining sector of Crypto and is a DEFI alternative to traditional market investment outlets such as HUT8.

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