AGA Transparent OTC Sale

More about the AGA Friends and Family OTC Sale

From September 28 to October 14 we are selling up to 350,000 AGA to fund purchase of new miners.

  • 5,000 USD minimum to participate in the AGA F&F OTC Sale (you can still purchase any amount of AGA on Uniswap)
  • AGA will be sold at the current spot price (no discounts)
  • We will send 95% of the purchased tokens immediately
  • Remaining 5% of the locked tokens, plus a 10% OTC token bonus will be held for 90 days, and if the AGA purchased in the OTC sale is not sold, we will send out the remaining 15% of AGA after 90 days.

Real Life Example

If you provide 10,000 USD when the AGA price is $0.66: you will receive 14,394 AGA ($10,000/0.66*.95) immediately, and 2,273 AGA (locked tokens and OTC Bonus) in 90 days.

AGA Token Links

🌎 Website:



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