AGAr release a great success!

2 min readSep 16, 2020

On Tuesday AGA team released AGAr — AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Reward Token, a derivative of the AGA Token. While AGA Token is mining backed yield farming and staking; AGAr is a VIP Status token that doubles AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Rewards. By liquidity pooling AGA and AGAr, Liquidity Providers will earn double AGA Bonus Rewards. Like Platinum or Diamond status with a Hotel or an Airline, AGAr is difficult to earn and very limited in supply. Only 21,988 AGAr will ever exist, and their distribution is set to halve every 3 months.

Starting price on Unsiwap was set at 1 AGAr = 10 AGA, and on the next day AGAr was trading at 65 AGA, a 650% increase! With that multiple, AGA and AGAr Bonus Reward have skyrocketed to over 1,000%! As of September 16 AGA and AGAr Yield Farming Rewards are:

Congratulations to all AGA yield farmers that earned AGAr rewards on September 15. To start farming AGA or AGAr please go to Uniswap here!