AMA — October 17, 2020

What’s up with the price?

What’s the progress on marketing?

AGAr price went down, why that happened?

Where can you buy AGA Token?

Why is AGA Token valuable? And how valuable is it?

What is the circulating supply and what’s the release schedule?

Explain the token buy back program?

Are there planned upcoming partnerships?…

What miners are you running? What is the profitability and is there any real time profitability data?

Benefits of staking AGA and Benefits of being an LP?…

Any upcoming announcements/token sales?…

What is our outlook on Etherum 2.0 (possible launch in these coming weeks/months) when they introduce staking, thus making it no longer profitable to mine

How are we handling the short life-span of mining equipment?

Are AGA Tokens burned? How often and how many of them. Do you have any model for burning tokens?

How big buy-backs will AGA conduct?

What is (will be) AGA carbon Credit Token?

What rewards do you predict for LP on Uniswap in incoming months? You mentioned they will be on reasonable levels.

Are you not afraid that AGAr will drop the price when rewards on Uniswap will decrease soon?

This is all questions we had for today. I hope the answers were satisfying. Feel free always to reach out if you have any more to get clarification. Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend!

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