We published a long-term roadmap in our white-paper and published it on our web page. Many of you are asking for a short-term roadmap and we will keep it up-to-date here:

  1. Uniswap — COMPLETE
  2. Uniswap DeFi Liquidity Pools Yield Farming with Bonus Rewards — COMPLETED, first rewards will be paid on August 15, then on 15th of each month.
  3. CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Etherscan — COMPLETED
  4. Improvements to community management and marketing — CMO hired and admins hired, WORK IN PROGRESS
  5. Discord Governance — COMPLETE
  6. Exchanges — first exchange listing to be announced on September 2 at 1pm UTC
  7. Staking — announced partnership with $FRM, — Staking coming in September.
  8. Additional Automated Market Makers — 1inch, Bamboo Relay, Balancer and Curve planned for September
  9. AGA Token Derivatives — AGAr to be announced in September