Introducing AGA Staking

3 min readSep 1, 2020

Hello AGA Miners;

We are excited to share the updated details of AGA Staking Round 1:

As previously announced AGA has partnered with UniFyre Wallet and the Ferrum.Network to deliver a flexible staking solution to all AGA holders that wish to earn interest on their AGA holdings. On September 29 at 3:00pm EST AGA delivered high APR staking rewards in single pool with flexible duration from 60 to 180 days! In partnership with UniFyre we designed a new revolutionary staking system that allows most flexibility and also saves on gas in the process.

See, every time one stakes and un-stakes tokens they pay two separate transaction fees. So, if one were to stake for two months, and then wanted to stake for another two months, they WOULD have to stake (1), un-stake after two months (2), then stake again (3), and then finally un-stake (4th transaction).

So, why not a single pool where one can withdraw after 60 days and earn a 60 day APR, or continue to stake and gradually increase their APR to the full 180 day APR of 24%? Stake for 60 DAYS, 80, 140 or the full 180 — flexibility is yours and the longer you stake the higher the APR!

Here are the details of the magical single staking pool

When un-staking, users will reclaim their principle — the tokens that they initially staked plus the interest they earned. After the first 60 days, users will have an option to withdraw early, earning 12% APR. If they continue to stake, APR will increase linearly to the 180 day APR of 24%.

But that is not all! We are funding the staking pool with ~11,836 AGA, assuming that everyone will stake for the full 180 days. When people withdraw early, the AGA that they would have earned if they continued to stake remains in the pool and will be paid out to all the stakers that stake for the full term. Therefore, if you stake for 180 days you will likely earn more than 24% APR!

In this staking round only 100,000 tokens will be accepted, and once the maximum has been reached no more tokens can be staked until round 2.

With only capacity to stake 100,000 tokens, we expect very high demand following the launch. We anticipate that these pools will fill quickly and encourage you to stake your AGA as soon as we open the pool.

How to Stake AGA

  1. You will need UnifFyre Wallet installed on your phone or tablet — and you will need the AGA that you would like to stake in this wallet.
  2. Select AGA, and click on Stake and earn, and then follow the prompts to stake your AGA.

AGA Token


AGA is mining backed yield farming and staking DeFi governance token with bonus HODL rewards. Liquidity providers get yield and bonus rewards, stakers lockup tokens and receive staking rewards, and holders can sleep well knowing once a week mining revenue will be used to buy back AGA off the open market. Something for everyone.

AGA Platform solves the barrier of entry into the mining sector of Crypto and is a DEFI alternative to traditional market investment outlets such as HUT8.

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