Lower minimums for AGA-ETH Liquidity Pool Bonus Rewards

1 min readSep 21, 2020


Before today Liquidity Pool participants needed 5,000 AGA and equivalent value of ETH to earn AGA and AGAr Bonus Rewards. Due to overwhelming demand from our community we reduced the minimum AGA pooled to 2,500 AGA and equivalent value of ETH in the AGA-ETH pool only.

AGA-AGAr pool will continue to require 5,000 AGA for 2x Bonus Rewards. 5,000 AGA will also be required to join our Governance Discord.

October 15 rewards for providing liquidity in the AGA-ETH pool are set at 5% of AGA pooled. So, 2,500 AGA pooled in AGA-ETH pool will pay 125 AGA and 12.5 AGAr. Bonus Rewards increase to 6% in October resulting in 150 AGA and 15 AGAr that can be farmed.

We are excited to share the reduced minimums with our community, and hope that some of you that were unable to earn AGAr will now join us in providing liquidity and earning AGA and AGAr Bonus Rewards.

To learn more about Liquidity mining AGA please see this Medium article: