October Bonus Rewards

2 min readSep 25, 2020

Our pools for October 15th AGA and AGAr Bonus Rewards are now locked. While withdrawals are always possible, they make you ineligible for rewards.

AGA Pools

Our AGA-ETH and AGA-USDT pools pay 5% of AGA locked in AGA, and 10% of that number in AGAr. Therefore we will be paying 15,711 AGA and 1,571 AGAr to Liquidity Providers in the AGA-ETH and AGA-USDT pools.

Clearly our pools are dominated by two whales, with a nice distribution — decentralization if you have after that. I am glad that we lowered the barrier to entry to 2,500 AGA.


Our AGA-AGAr pool pays 10% of AGA locked in AGA, and 10% of that number in AGAr. Therefore we will be paying 26,288 AGA and 2,628 AGAr to Liquidity Providers in the AGA-AGAr pool.

Distribution here is a bit more even with 6 large holders, and the next 25 dividing the pool evenly.

Summing it up

Last month we paid rewards to 10 Liquidity Providers while next month we are posed to pay 55! This an impressive month over month growth and it shows that our business model is resonating. I also believe that we moved beyond the pump and dump phase into the more stable hodl and grow phase!

I am humbled to be working with our community, and if we did 10 to 55, can go to 200 next month! (Especially as our rewards are only going up!)

More about AGA

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