September 18 Update

2 min readSep 19, 2020

We have 75 miners running, with 50 generating real revenue of about $500 per day. The other 25 are old, and they break-even. If BTC were to go to $15K they would become quite profitable, so we keep them on-line. We are still waiting for 32 of the new miners, so another $320 per day, set to come on-line this month — they are late.

AGA’s Market cap is sitting right at $1M USD. Over the last few days price ranged from $0.50 to $1.00.

We released AGAr, and its market cap is around $400K!

AGAr is a AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Reward Token, a derivative of the AGA Token. While AGA Token is mining backed yield farming and staking; AGAr is a VIP Status token that doubles AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Rewards. By liquidity pooling AGA and AGAr, Liquidity Providers will earn double AGA Bonus Rewards. Like Platinum or Diamond status with a Hotel or an Airline, AGAr is difficult to earn and very limited in supply. Only 21,988 AGAr will ever exist.

AGAr has increased in price by 1800% since launch 4 days ago. We have applied for CoinGecko, CMC, uploaded logo, etc. We should be listed next week.

AGA staking should be released next week, paying a reasonable 24% APR. We are awaiting the latest UniFyre Wallet.

AGA liquidity mining is on fire. While I am excited to see AGAr increase by 1,800% since launch, that increase is also driving our September, October, November and December reward APRs to insane levels — reaching 3,000% at times!

In October, we will pay 1% of the amount of AGA secured in Uniswap AGA-AGAr pool in AGAr. So, a minimum, of 5,000 AGA in AGA-AGAr pool will pay 50 AGAr on October 15. At today’s prices that is 150% interest in 21 days!

Liquidity Mining pools close on September 24th for October 15 rewards. Remember, you need a minimum of 5,000 AGA pooled to earn rewards.