TwentyONE Crypto AMA Recap

3 min readSep 25, 2020

On September 25th we held an AMA with the Twenty ONE Crypto Group. Here is the recap:

Q1. From Twitter: @alexandono

For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it’s developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

That is a great question!

Most projects reserve tokens for a dev fund, but they cannot pay for expenses in tokens, so they sell them every month to pay for development and other expenses. We DO NOT. We have invested pre-sale funds in Bitcoin miners that now generate about 10,000 USD per month profit. We use that profit to buy-back AGA tokens. Like we did last night after a whale sold his tokens. This is VERY VERY unique to us and very special. We buy tokens, we do not sell tokens to operate.

You can see some, about half, of the miners here:

We mine, and then we buy AGA on Uniswap!

Q2. From Twitter: @Pamoato

Many yield farming projects have been launched lately, how is AGA different? What are the benefits that this project brings to the DeFi world? How do you encourage the community to invest in the project and also how do you give value to your token?

Unlike other projects we are here for long-term as we are self funded. We do not have to sell AGA to operate, and we invest AGA we mine back into the project.

We build our project ON DeFi, we use DeFi, we use Uniswap, Liquidity Pools and Liquidity Mining, Staking, and AGAr — rewards tokens. So we use DeFi, but we are not building DeFi. Like we use Telegram, we are not building Telegram.

AGA is NOT Pump and Dump, it is a long term play. UNFORTUNATELY, this is unique in DeFi.

Q3. From Twitter: @DeanCorela

We all know that Indonesia is one of the biggest markets for crypto world, So what opportunities can AGA Token see in the Indonesian Crypto community? Will you also expand your community and platform to this beloved country in the future?

We are here today and we are here to stay for long term. This week we will offer AGA Staking with very small minimum limit and good APR. We invite you to join in our Telegram, and if we also have a separate group for Asia if we want to chat in another language. We will discuss with 21 Crypto to see what else we can do for you!

Q4. From Twitter: @boku_wa_ikemen

Adoption is one of the most important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the invertors eyes. Can you tell us what AGA has done and plan to do to achieve adoption in the reality, real use cases, our real society?

AGA is NOT money, AGA is decentralized governance. Money needs mass adoption, DeFi needs adoption, AGA needs a community. We are building a community on Telegram and Discord. With COVID it is hard to travel, but I would like to meet all of you in person. We are increasing our marketing spend to build that community.

Q5. From Twitter: @mylhe

How does AGA platform gives a high APY of staking assets? What are the revenue model? How profitable is to invest in AGA platform?

By providing liquidity in AGA-AGAr pool you could earn 50% or more in 1 MONTH, in 2 months you can double your AGA holdings. Next three months of Liquidity Mining rewards are crazy high. This cannot last, so they will be lower in 2021, but for now we are paying high rewards to build our community.

AGA uses mining revenue, about $10,000 per month today AND GROWING, to pay for rewards, AGA buy-backs and marketing. We are not a food coin that goes 100x in a week and then to ZERO. We are going to grow over time, from 50 cents to 80, to 1.2 dollar, etc.

AGA is NOT pump and dump, we are a long-term project for people that like to earn MONTHLY rewards. Not people that like to see 100x on paper, and wake up to NOTHING — that is terrible. Because we are backed by mining we are going to grow over time, every month.