Valuing AGAr

Oct 18, 2020

AGAr, when supplied as liquidity along with AGA in the Uniswap AGA-AGAr Liquidity Pool (at 1:1 value ratio) will continue to pay 2x rewards of the AGA-ETH pool. Regardless if these rewards are paid in AGA, AGAr, ETH or a combination of.

Demand for AGAr can then be derived from the amount of AGA that people want to earn highest rewards on.


Circulating supply of AGA over the next three months will be below 2 million, lets say 1.6 million as an average.

Circulating supply of AGAr is 8,000, and will likely increase to 11,000 next month and then 14,000 the following month, lets conservatively assume it will double to 16,000.

Now, it is simple. A portion of AGA will go into the AGA-AGAr pool, and lets again conservatively assume that 100% of circulating AGAr will be committed to that pool:

So, that is today, what about the future?

Let’s assume that after lost coins, burns, etc the total supply of AGA is 10 million. Total supply of AGAr is 22 thousand, so:

This is just one way to help us value AGAr. As with all these methods it is imperfect!