We Have Liftoff !

2 min readNov 16, 2020

Today we are excited to share with you the following updates that will add significant value to AGA and AGAr. We are updating our marketing approach, sharpening our tokenomics and adding miners that will have a material impact on our profitability.


We will be limiting our marketing spend and deploying the savings to AGA buy-backs. While we will continue to pay Telegram community managers, we will engaged in more unpaid activities such as interviews, AMAs, and work with industry pundits. Please follow these Twitter handles to see what we mean:

AGA Burn

We are reducing AGA’s total supply from 10,900,000 to 7,000,000 tokens by burning 3,823,000 AGA. As part of this exercise we are also reducing circulating supply to 1,800,000 AGA. We are removing 1/3 of AGA’s total supply in order to cement your confidence in this project and to to transfer more ownership to AGA’s community and contributors.

Burn transactions are here:



AGAr Burn

With November reward payouts, majority of AGAr tokens are held by our community and are now managed by AGAr DAO. That community has now voted to burn 5,000 AGAr tokens or approximately 25% of the total supply. AGAr unlocks 2x AGA Bonus Rewards, and is needed to participate in our NFT raffles.

Burn transactions is here:


For little more detail on our tokenomics please see the updated Tokenomics Update:


New Miners

We have ordered, paid for and have tracking numbers for 100 Bitcoin miners that will arrive at our facility any day now. These units will produce 5 Peta Hashes of mining power which will double our total profitability. Once these units are running we will be profiting, in total, approximately $25,000 per month! (Profits depend on the price of Bitcoin and mining difficulty. 50% increase in price of Bitcoin would double our profitability!)

You can see our Mining Inventory or PROJECTED Profitability here:


And our AGA Treasury Wallet here:



Less marketing spend, more buy-backs; burned 1/4 of all AGAr and 1/3 of all AGA, doubling our total mining profitability.