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  1. Fees, not Uniswap, but Ethereum fees — everyone knows those have been high and now are outrageously high
  2. No standard ability for limit order trading, and no advanced options like OCO orders


  1. We had enough funds in our reserve account to cover the costs associated with this token listing — in other words — WE DID NOT SELL ANY AGA TO PAY FOR THIS LISTING
  2. IDEX does not support wash-trading, it has high TRUST scores, and is one of the most respected exchanges
  3. IDEX Token was just listed on Binance
  4. IDEX 2.0 will retain decentralized control of funds and transactions, while delivering performance and NO GAS trading — game changer!
  5. Leverage — we are now able to negotiate better terms with other exchanges


Aga Token



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